"Our aim is not perfection, but a kind of natural exuberance."



"A Humanature garden does not look so much like 'us', as it looks like you."

"We strive to connect the distinct pieces of each project into a unique whole."


"We take your simple inspiration and take it to the next level."


Living in Hawaii for the winter, these clients are used to a certain level of botanical paradise. But being a true Marin family, they didn;t want to recreate something that didn't compliment their craftsman home or hosting comfortable pool-parties for extended family. Brought in to revive the garden, we have cultivated each space with respect to the views of Mt. Baldy...



No other geological feature, aside from the ocean, unifies Marin country like Mount Tamalpais. Created by a life-long developer with a truly evolved eye for design, this mountain home is completely connected to the site, through outdoor living spaces, and a use of materials at once unusual and completely at home in their natural surroundings. 



A family with young children has a particular desire for safe, easy-going, entertainment spaces close to home. With kids and sunshine aplenty what could possibly go wrong?



We have clients who can't tell a pansy from a cyclamen, and others who attend garden tours and plant sales for fun. This one id the latter. She loves the less well-known, the newest cultivar, unusual flower colors and certain sentimental old favorites.