Founded by Emily Hatfield in 2000, Humanature has been bringing high-end boutique landscape design to the San Francsico bay Area for more than 15 years.



EMILY, Founder & CEO- Immediately after graduating from Mount Holyoke with a degree in Environmental Studies, Emily began working on a membership farm in western Massachusetts. This hands-on education in soil biology, cultivation techniques, organic pest control, greenhouse culture, and crop rotation impressed upon her an endless appreciation for the depth of the art and science of farming and gardening. Her passion for landscape is a life-long one, constantly expanding her skill set to include lighting, irrigation, erosion control and drainage, and other practical skills making her a true designer who is not only concerned with aesthetics, but a designs total interaction with the land.



LISA, Senior Plant Specialist & Crew Member- Lisa has always gravitated toward the green world of gardens, trees and flowers. She interned at Strybing Arboretum in San Francisco for 2 and 1/2 years while studying horticulture and landscaping. She's taken classes at SFCC and Merritt College in Oakland including plant ID, aesthetic pruning techniques, IPM and Glenn Keator's Native Plants and Trees of Northern California. Lisa is currently interested in learning more about greywater systems and rainwater harvesting. She knows gardens are enchanting places; it is her wish that they should appear to be thriving without tending, as if naturally ordered by invisible hands.

BEALL, Senior Site Forman-

SPENCER, Junior Crew Member