Terrior- loosely defined, a belief in the unique character of a grape (and the wine from it) borne of a regionally-specific climate, soil, and geography.  Our goal is to bring out the terroir of your landscape, its particular strengths that make it sing.  It's not a cookie-cutter approach.  It's about careful observation and listening to our clients' stories of home. We strive to connect the distinct pieces of each project into a unique whole.  From the lifestyle and work schedule of our clients, to the thirsty roots of an ancient elm.  The view from an upstairs reading chair, and the behaviors of neighborhood dogs.  Our designs arise from the human patterns, the soil make-up, seasonal underground streams, the parties, the rest, the shade canopy, the song birds, the dog, the babies, the bicycles, the compost, and the tomatoes.  The web of human and natural elements that make your world a vibrant connected thing.

A Humanature garden does not look so much like 'us', as it looks like you.  We research each plant and stone pallete with an open mind and refine your chorus of inspirations into a string quartet. We aim for creating a landscape that looks as if it's always been there. One that is not ostentatious or contrived, but beautiful, serene, and crafted with respect for the natural setting.  We take advantage of challenges to transform a space into the unexpected, and leave the most magical spots perfectly alone.  

Simply put, our aim is not perfection, but a kind of natural exuberance, born out of observation and creativity.  We watch, make notes, research, dream, talk to our client, and then create something truly unique.  Each garden reflects the client’s particular take on paradise.  Whether your paradise includes fresh herbs, fragrant flowering vines, a comfy bench placed perfectly for afternoon basking... or perhaps it’s just a simple collection of pots near your front door which welcome you home.  We’ll take your simple inspiration and take it to the next level, customizing it to your climate, soil, aesthetic, budget and timeline.