I hired Emily at the recommendation of a dear friend and avid gardener. When my friend told me about Emily’s vision and ability to conceptualize her clients’ taste, I gave her a call right away. We began with a modest version of my landscaping project. As we entered into the design process, we decided to revamp our front yard and entry way to accomplish the larger purpose of making our 80-year-old home more welcoming and warm. Emily did this and then some. She designed all the landscape and hardscape with only minor tweaks from me. Even though my house is Spanish/ Mediterranean architecture, Emily incorporated my love of English gardens. Her design was brilliant in that it captured my aesthetic, but was exactly what the house was demanding.
— Cassie Gaenger
I asked Emily to design, plan and build a dream garden for my 6-yr.-old boy-girl twins and me, modeled on the wild English garden aesthetic. After sitting together and discussing it, she built something that is beyond what we expected, beyond our wildest dreams. We needed to work incrementally because of budget, so Emily approached the project in logical phases that made fiscal and design sense. Piece by piece, Humanature built the garden, including the infrastructure required, irrigation, walls, paths, etc. The garden is thriving and getting more beautiful every year.
In addition, Emily did such a great job with the outside of the house, we asked her to help us design the inside of the house, to work closely with the color and beauty of the outside. Most people approach their homes from the inside out. We thought it makes just as much sense, maybe more, to approach it from the outside in. The project continues and the inside of the house gets sweeter all the time.
You won’t find anyone like Emily. She is more that a landscape designer or gardener. She is an artist.
— Steven Klein