Landscape Maintenance

Our garden maintenance programs are reflective of your garden’s needs, your expectations and your budget. A combination of our timely observations, suggestions for improvement, response to requests, and generally positive dispositions make us special. Some things that are true for all of our client’s gardens:

  • seasonally-determined, custom fertilizers 
  • organic pest control  
  • efficient, well-planned irrigation systems 
  • building healthy gardens from the soil up, using organic mulch & microbially-active soil ammendments 
  • selecting plants for seasonal display, based on our plant knowledge of what will really work
  • working with a select community of qualified arborists, irrigation specialists, builders, architects, and even window-washers 
  • staging projects to fit your budget
  • keeping notes in your Humanature garden journal to track fertilizing and pest control schedules

Our artful eye and technical expertise set us apart as a holistic landscape maintenance solution.  


Landscape Design

Our sustainable gardening practice informs all of our designs. We attend classes, tours, groups & workshops year-round in order to satisfy our curiosity for the art and science of garden building. Carefully designing gardens that will be practical to build, as well as having a solid knowledge of budgetary concerns make us a real asset as a design-build company. We are licensed, bonded, and insured landscape contractors, who work intelligently with other subcontractors to bring the varied artisanal elements of our designs to fruition. Elements like low-voltage lighting, water features, patios, arbors, and fireplaces are completed with the appropriate technical knowledge to make them subtle, artful, and long-lasting. 

The design process is tailored to communicate garden plans through simple perspective sketches and plant lists, all the way to hand-rendered plans and section-elevations to communicate with other contractors.  Our design technique reflects your decision-making process,  and the scale and budget of the project overall. For all our design clients, a few things are always true:

  • Meet for an initial 1-hr. visit to walk around your property, take inventory, make notes about your objectives, and answer questions about how we might work


Design/Garden Consultation

If all you need is an hour or two with note-pad in hand, we will infuse your garden with fresh perspective.  We work with experienced gardeners who just need a few new ideas on how to re-order existing elements, or field-tested planting advice for a problem planting bed.  Without crafting a full hand-drawn plan, we can create a workable action plan and pinpoint easy fixes.